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Centre of Excellence (CoE)

RAISE Centre of Excellence (CoE)


The Virtual Centre of Excellence (CoE) has been established in August 2022 powered by MIT Square London through the Memorandum of Understanding. The vision of the CoE is to enable the institution as an innovation hub in the emerging technologies.

The meaning of “RAISE” is to enable students and academic professionals to a higher level by transforming them 360 degree in the areas of

R – Research

A – Arts & Applications

I – Innovation & Intelligence

S – Science & Technology

E – Entrepreneurship



Key Initiatives (i-10 Model):

  • Innovation & Research
  • Ideas to Prototypes & Products
  • Inductive Programs
  • Internships & Talent Transformation
  • International Publications
  • I-Centric Events
  • IP Rights & Protection
  • Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurship
  • Institution & Industry Connects
  • Incubation, Investments & Fundings

Specific Initiatives:


  • Abroad Studies
  • Abroad Traineeships
  • Abroad Internships
  • Abroad Placementships
  • Abroad Mentorships
  • Abroad Fellowships
  • Abroad Inventorships
  • Startup Founderships
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Product Development
  • CSR Activities

Detailed Objectives:

The RAISE Centre of Excellence (CoE) highlights the growth & development of Edu tech-driven solutions for achieving the digital transformation and enables the institute to:

  • To create innovative applications and domain capability across verticals for country’s needs such as Smart City, Smart Health, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Agriculture, etc.
  • To build industry capable talent, start-up community and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • To provide an ecosystem for innovation to thrive and embrace entrepreneurship.
  • To energize research mind-set and reduce costs in research and development by providing neutral and interoperable, multi-technology stack laboratory facilities.
  • To reduce import dependency on technology components and promote indignation.
  • To position the institution as a provider of end-to-end solution in education and technology space.
  • To provide training and learning (including internships) both online and offline. Gives a hands-on experience to students, faculties and research scholars with the world class equipment’s, Software and Tools.
  • To provide environment for product creation, testing and also for validation & incubation.
  • Gives learning opportunities of breakthrough technologies like AR/VR, Data Analytics & AI for students, faculties and research scholars.
  • Give impetus to research, technology development, product development, technology incubation and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop application platforms for specific skill development programs based on the industry needs and relevance.
  • Produce new generation of entrepreneurs and incubatees, who are ready to reap the benefits of the incubation and start-up facilities.
  • To create a core group of researchers in the area of the latest technologies.

Also, the institution can also function as an RAISE “Nodal” centre with the following benefits:


  • A fully Techno-Entrepreneurship Innovation lab with Hardware and software tools with licenses can be utilized for development and research projects.
  • Recognition of being one of the top National Academies for the innovation lab.
  • Essential curriculum and resource kits to provide comprehensive training, and industry readiness for students and support to apply for research funds.
  • Scalable infrastructure to extend training to corporates and professionals from other industries.
  • Up to 10 years assured training support from MIT Square that will help empower your faculty, reach scholars and students across various verticals.

Benefits of the RAISE CoE

  • A great learning and leadership opportunity.
  • Become a coding guru
  • Spread Techno-Entrepreneurship Culture within the Campus by spreading multiple events/ Workshops and Hackathons.
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Opportunity to work in startups or prestigious companies
  • Opportunity to study abroad
  • Opportunity to intern or work full time abroad
  • Personalised LinkedIn recommendation.
  • Letter of Recommendation after the Successful Internship/techno programs Completion.