Doctors - Veni Creator Christian University

Our team of professors is made up of DOCTORS in specific disciplines, as well as the most renowned doctors in the national market. All very active in the academic area and with extensive experience in the market and internationally.

Profa. Marcela

Teacher Dr. Marcela Tarciana

Degree in Biological Sciences – UEPB
Master in Agronomy – UFPB
PhD in Agronomy – UFPB

Profa. Amanda

Teacher Dr. Amanda Micheline Amador

Graduated in Pedagogy and Biological Sciences – UEPB
Master in Agricultural Engineering – UFCG
PhD in Natural Resources – UFCG

Profa. Priscila

Teacher Dr. Maria Pricila Miranda

Graduated in Geography – UFPE
Master in Geography – UFPE
PhD in Geography – UFPE

Profa. Ana Paula

Teacher Dr. Ana Paula

Graduated in Physical Education – UPE
Master of Science in Education – UFPE
PhD in Educational Sciences – UFPE

Prof. Dr. Milton Dantas

Teacher Dr. Milton Dantas da Silva

Graduated in Philosophy – UFRN
Master of Science in Education – ISELD
PhD in Educational Sciences – VCCU

Profa. Katty

Teacher Dra. Katty Anne Amador

Graduate in Nursing – UEPB
Master in Physiological Sciences – UFS
PhD in Physiological Sciences – UFS

collaborators - veni University

Profa. Simone

Simone Ferreira

Graduated in Pedagogy – UVA
Academic Secretary
Veni University

Prof. Cleyber Silva

Teacher Cleyber Silva

Graduated in Business Administration – ESTÁCIO
Technologist in Systems Analysis and Development – ESTÁCIO
MBA in People Management and Coaching – UNICORP
Master’s in Education Sciences – VCCU
TI manager
Veni University


Deborah Lucena

Graduate in Accounting Sciences
Academic Secretary
Veni University

Profa. Eliete

Teacher Eliete Farias

Degree in Geography – UPE
Master of Science in Education – UNASUR
Doctoral student in Educational Sciences – VCCU

AVA Manager
Veni University

CEO of Veni University

Acilina Candeia

Her professional career began as an intern at Sesi in Patos-PB. She was a teacher at the Escola Normal Dom Expedito de Oliveira, in Patos. Pedagogical Coordinator at Peti in Patos. Coordinator in the 6th Management of Education, the Inclusive Education and Special Education Sector, accompanying and advising the teachers of the Specialized Educational Service. She acted as coordinator of the Moving Citizenship Project in the Diocesan Social Action of Patos in Partnership with ESSOR Brasil. She is currently Manager of Cetec Colégio and Sapiência Course in Patos and President of Veni Creator Christian University.

Profa. Acilina