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Founded by Prof. Acilina da Silva Candeia, Veni Creator Christian University is an American University, based in Kissimmee, Florida, United States, whose mission is to provide quality education, with technical rigor and respect for the precepts of scientific responsibility, professional ethics and academic education and attention to humanistic values and human dignity.

Veni Creator believes that education is an instrument of transformation, emancipation and personal and social development, and sees in information technology tools an opportunity to expand and democratize access to quality higher education. In this sense, Veni Creator invests in its own infrastructure, in constant updating and improvement, to fulfill its institutional mission through completely virtual courses, without prejudice to quality.

In addition, Veni Creator maintains constant contact with the social environment of which its students are part, seeking ways to create bridges between society and the scientific environment, through lectures, symposia and workshops. The teaching team, composed exclusively of PhD professors with academic experience, is encouraged to take advantage of the possibilities offered by advances in communication technology to spread scientific knowledge in the social spaces in which they work.

VCCU has its State registration EIN: 37-1955767, federal RENº P19000076677 and its head office is located at 47380 West Sand Lake Road  Orlando FL 32819, State of Florida, in the United States and our contact number in the United States is +1 (239 ) 234-4558.

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From a pedagogical point of view, VENI CREATOR CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY has active, up-to-date methodologies and is constantly adapting to the academic environment. In addition, we also have excellent course coordinators and a qualified teaching staff, highly qualified and constantly improving their knowledge and skills.

From a professional point of view, we have established partnerships with several national, international, public and private institutions, aiming at the formation of excellence in several areas of knowledge.

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